About the team!
This project is a one man development team only (sorry!). This is because this is my first 2D project and I want to learn all I can before I start working with other people on it.

TuxBlocks features one character (Tux) and no NPC's (Non Playable Characters) or any enemies for that matter. TuxBlocks is a 2D free rome game featuring bricks that you have to climb up or down, blocks that you have to pick up and place in the correct place in order to reach the door, and doors which when reached end the level and add a pre-determined amount of points to your score. Your score is based on how many levels you have beaten in the current level set (First=50points, Second=100points, Third=150points, and so on). You don't have any lives since there is no way to die, thus there are no extra lives that you can gain. Maybe in future a future version I might add coins or something to collect to increase your score that will be located in an area so that you have to go out of your way in order to get to it. Each level of each level set also has it's own 3 digit password used to jump to that level (WARNING: Jumping to a level using a password does not mean that you have beaten that many levels). Included with this game is a level editor (Not built in) that allows you to click in the level/password fields to change them, generate a random password, and click and place blocks, bricks, doors, and you. Yes there is a level editor even though the file format for the levels and level sets is extremely simple.
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