Hi. My name is Justin Davis and I am the developer of TuxBlocks. If you wish to contact me about TuxBlocks then please use the e-mail link below. However if you wish to submit a bug report then please do so on the respective mailing list attached to my SourceForge account.

TuxBlocks is a 2D scrolling puzzle game in which you must pick up the blocks and place them in various parts of the level in order to reach the door (A.K.A. the Exit). Finding the door is easy because all you have to do is hold down the shift key and move the view around the level. But getting to the door is the tricky part. Don't be fooled by excess bricks placed throughout the level, because more often then not you either don't need them. So experiment around a bit, fall into traps, and get lost a few times, you'll get to the door eventually. Oh and if you get stuck just press the [ESC] key on your keyboard and select "Restart" to restart the level (costs 25points to restart level). If you feel that you are still having problems solving the level feel free to play the level solution.
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